Grinding Fingers, Is It Dangerous?

Grinding your fingers or the joints of the fingers on the stomach sometimes feels relief, perhaps even satisfying. However, doctors do not recommend that we often ring a finger book because according to some research, this habit can cause injury. So if you feel that your body is sore because of your daily activities it will be better if you come to Orthopedic Surgeon Houston to get the best treatment possible.

Sounding the finger joint can cause a negative pressure that attracts nitrogen gas to the joint, like when a finger goes off. This is not dangerous, a real one. Sound can also be heard if the tendon is about the network due to minor changes in its friction path. This can cause damage to muscle mass and changes in motion.

When the sound is accompanied by pain, there may be abnormalities in the joints of your fingers, such as ligament injury or other problems. Some patients with arthritis (inflammation of the joint, usually sick), bursitis, or tendinitis usually experience sound in the hand due to tissue swelling.

The habit of grinding a finger with a swelling of the hand and a decrease in the strength of the hand to hold. The results of this study encourage other researchers to conclude that this habit leads to hand functional disorders.

In other studies of injuries arising from grinding joints, as described in the American Journal of Orthopedics, manipulation, and compulsion to hear the cracking of the fingers may lead to acute injury.