Bad Impact of Stretching Hand and Neck Bone

Indeed a sense of relief will arise when you ring the joints of the fingers and neck at the time of the body began to feel sore or tired it is because a lot of work you have to finish. So the habit of stretching certain body parts such as fingers and neck to the point of causing the sound has become commonplace for you, And also often done by most people.

But do you know the impact? Maybe it has not occurred to mind, that this trivial thing if often done, will be bad for the health of the body. In fact, it can have a serious impact in the long term, if this habit is not immediately avoided.

Therefore, you need to know about the effects of the frequent sounding of the joints of the fingers or the neck. So you can find another solution that is right by coming to Orthopedic Surgeon Houston if your body starts to feel sore or tired because of the work you live every day. Apart from that, the following adverse effects on the health of the body when often stretch the joints of fingers and neck!

1. Can cause joint disease
If you often ring the joints of the fingers and bone of the neck by stretching them to create a sound, This is indeed a habit that needs to be prevented. It is because, in fact, it has violated the rules of joints in general. So the impact is also not good, that can damage the cartilage of the fingers and your neck. If these habits like this you do continuously, then, in the long run, can cause you suffer from joint disease is quite serious.
This is exactly what Brian Cassaza, M.D, of the University of California, the USA says, says that if one of the nerves is caught in the neck of the neck, it will have a multiplier effect. It all depends on the nerve itself to where.
However, in general, this will result in body parts like the legs and hands will be difficult to command by the brain, which is the brain is an important part that serves to respond to nerves throughout the body. When that happens, As a result, someone who is exposed to this problem can run like a robot, it is because the brain failed to give instructions to the organs of the body.

2. Causing functional hand disruption
You need to know, that too often sounds the joints of the fingers can cause damage to the ligament and soft tissue, In the long run. In addition, the habit can also impact on the strength of the hand. So decreasing the strength of the handle, which hand will gradually weaken.
This is because often you sound your fingers by stretching to make a sound, this makes the fingers swelling. And all of that will lead to a functional disruption in your hands. From the explanation, it is in accordance with what is said in a study that has been published Annals of Rheumatic Diseases.
Therefore, At least you can find the right solution to overcome the feeling of stiffness and tired inside you without having to ring the joints of the fingers and neck. Perhaps by way of frequent minor warming like walking for several minutes, Indeed one of the right solutions to overcome the stiffness in your body. And there are many other ways that you can apply to overcome them.