How to Lift the Right Load to Get Unharmed?

Lifting and hauling loads if not done properly and cautiously can lead to work accidents. The most affected part of the body is the spine. Therefore the correct technique and ergonomic tools are indispensable for effectiveness and work efficiency. But if you have an injury when lifting weights then do not wait until the pain disappears by itself because it is impossible to happen. Therefore, the thing you can do is to immediately come to Orthopedic Surgeon Houston to get the right handling of your injuries.

Apart from that, here are some ways to lift the right load to avoid injury!

1. Start with a squat
When you are lifting weights, sit squat on 1 foot to maintain balance. If you’ve ever seen a weightlifter athlete, they always start by squatting before lifting weights. Where the weight point of the load is at the ideal point of the lift position. While in a squatting position, the back is kept in a straight line. As the object begins to lift, the leg muscles slowly move upward until stable when carrying the item.

2. Place objects as close as possible to the body
Place the load that your friend will lift close to your body, the more the stick is attached to the back, the load will be lighter because the pedestal has moved on the body. Similarly, when lifting weights in front, try to keep these heavy objects attached to the chest and the position must be strapping. When both hands carry the load, then the load position must be the same between the left-hand load and the load of the right hand