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Bad Impact of Stretching Hand and Neck Bone

Indeed a sense of relief will arise when you ring the joints of the fingers and neck at the time of the body began to feel sore or tired it is because a lot of work you have to finish. So the habit of stretching certain body parts such as fingers and neck to the point of causing the sound has become commonplace for you, And also often done by most people.

But do you know the impact? Maybe it has not occurred to mind, that this trivial thing if often done, will be bad for the health of the body. In fact, it can have a serious impact in the long term, if this habit is not immediately avoided.

Therefore, you need to know about the effects of the frequent sounding of the joints of the fingers or the neck. So you can find another solution that is right by coming to Orthopedic Surgeon Houston if your body starts to feel sore or tired because of the work you live every day. Apart from that, the following adverse effects on the health of the body when often stretch the joints of fingers and neck!

1. Can cause joint disease
If you often ring the joints of the fingers and bone of the neck by stretching them to create a sound, This is indeed a habit that needs to be prevented. It is because, in fact, it has violated the rules of joints in general. So the impact is also not good, that can damage the cartilage of the fingers and your neck. If these habits like this you do continuously, then, in the long run, can cause you suffer from joint disease is quite serious.
This is exactly what Brian Cassaza, M.D, of the University of California, the USA says, says that if one of the nerves is caught in the neck of the neck, it will have a multiplier effect. It all depends on the nerve itself to where.
However, in general, this will result in body parts like the legs and hands will be difficult to command by the brain, which is the brain is an important part that serves to respond to nerves throughout the body. When that happens, As a result, someone who is exposed to this problem can run like a robot, it is because the brain failed to give instructions to the organs of the body.

2. Causing functional hand disruption
You need to know, that too often sounds the joints of the fingers can cause damage to the ligament and soft tissue, In the long run. In addition, the habit can also impact on the strength of the hand. So decreasing the strength of the handle, which hand will gradually weaken.
This is because often you sound your fingers by stretching to make a sound, this makes the fingers swelling. And all of that will lead to a functional disruption in your hands. From the explanation, it is in accordance with what is said in a study that has been published Annals of Rheumatic Diseases.
Therefore, At least you can find the right solution to overcome the feeling of stiffness and tired inside you without having to ring the joints of the fingers and neck. Perhaps by way of frequent minor warming like walking for several minutes, Indeed one of the right solutions to overcome the stiffness in your body. And there are many other ways that you can apply to overcome them.

The Best Way to Overcome Hand Injury

Hands are one of the most important parts of our body for our daily mobility, just like feet. This part of the body is very complex and has a more complicated network of other body organs. Well if your hand is currently injured then do not wait any longer and expect that the pain will go away on its own because it is impossible to happen. Therefore the best way is to take him to Orthopedic Surgeon Houston to get professional handling



Regardless, often the hands become a mainstay in performing daily activities. In fact, almost all human activity involves the role of the hand in it. However, not infrequently also hands escape from our vigilance and sometimes injury.

One of the vulnerable hand sections is the triangular fibrocitectural complex (TFCC). This section is a meeting of three bones at the base of the hand and two ends of the large bones of the forearm or commonly called the wrist.

In addition to fall or accident, other things that cause injury or pain in the hands are the result of doing a repetitive heavy work. The best way to reduce the pain is to stop the temporary activity. Compressing an injury with ice actually works to reduce the swelling to narrow the blood vessels. However, if the pain is unbearable, it would be better if you immediately see a doctor for further treatment.

Grinding Fingers, Is It Dangerous?

Grinding your fingers or the joints of the fingers on the stomach sometimes feels relief, perhaps even satisfying. However, doctors do not recommend that we often ring a finger book because according to some research, this habit can cause injury. So if you feel that your body is sore because of your daily activities it will be better if you come to Orthopedic Surgeon Houston to get the best treatment possible.

Sounding the finger joint can cause a negative pressure that attracts nitrogen gas to the joint, like when a finger goes off. This is not dangerous, a real one. Sound can also be heard if the tendon is about the network due to minor changes in its friction path. This can cause damage to muscle mass and changes in motion.

When the sound is accompanied by pain, there may be abnormalities in the joints of your fingers, such as ligament injury or other problems. Some patients with arthritis (inflammation of the joint, usually sick), bursitis, or tendinitis usually experience sound in the hand due to tissue swelling.

The habit of grinding a finger with a swelling of the hand and a decrease in the strength of the hand to hold. The results of this study encourage other researchers to conclude that this habit leads to hand functional disorders.

In other studies of injuries arising from grinding joints, as described in the American Journal of Orthopedics, manipulation, and compulsion to hear the cracking of the fingers may lead to acute injury.

How to Lift the Right Load to Get Unharmed?

Lifting and hauling loads if not done properly and cautiously can lead to work accidents. The most affected part of the body is the spine. Therefore the correct technique and ergonomic tools are indispensable for effectiveness and work efficiency. But if you have an injury when lifting weights then do not wait until the pain disappears by itself because it is impossible to happen. Therefore, the thing you can do is to immediately come to Orthopedic Surgeon Houston to get the right handling of your injuries.

Apart from that, here are some ways to lift the right load to avoid injury!

1. Start with a squat
When you are lifting weights, sit squat on 1 foot to maintain balance. If you’ve ever seen a weightlifter athlete, they always start by squatting before lifting weights. Where the weight point of the load is at the ideal point of the lift position. While in a squatting position, the back is kept in a straight line. As the object begins to lift, the leg muscles slowly move upward until stable when carrying the item.

2. Place objects as close as possible to the body
Place the load that your friend will lift close to your body, the more the stick is attached to the back, the load will be lighter because the pedestal has moved on the body. Similarly, when lifting weights in front, try to keep these heavy objects attached to the chest and the position must be strapping. When both hands carry the load, then the load position must be the same between the left-hand load and the load of the right hand

Powerful Tips To Overcome Pain in the Shoulder

When you are lifting weights, our joints carry a burden that is not light. When used to practice continuously, our joints will taste the impact. Well, one of the most vulnerable joints of the injury is the shoulder.

You do not need to avoid shoulder training at all. After all, just resting is not enough, because there is the possibility of the pain coming back. To overcome the pain, it will be better if you stop the movement that hurt your shoulders, then make sure your shoulders are always in the right position, after that you should also ensure your shoulders move properly. But if it still hurts on your shoulders, then it would be better if you immediately go to Orthopedic Surgeon Houston to get the right handling related problems in your shoulder.

When your shoulder starts to scream, this means it’s time to check your exercise routine again. If you are ignoring this signal, it will lead to serious injuries, even surgery.